Introductory Guides to Stock Listing in Cambodia

In view of up-coming opening of the first ever stock exchange in Cambodia, several questions emerge with regards to businesses in Cambodia wanting to tap into the spanking source of capital.

  1. What is initial public offering (IPO)? (or listing stock on the exchange)
  2. What benefit can be derived from IPO?
  3. What are the listing requirement?
  4. How should company restructure/prepare prior to the IPO?

Bun & Associates is doing such a good job in answering these questions.

Click here to Bun&Associates Introductory Guides to IPO


Chinese businesses seek investment in Cambodia

Cambodia is expecting to see more foreign direct investments from China in the coming years. A investor facilitation agreement was between Chinese chamber of commerce in Cambodia and business representative from Yunnan province, China. Possible investments are in industries namely construction, mining, logistics, steel, real estate, technology and agriculture.

Full Story: Yunnan businesses seek investment in Cambodia

Cambodia to be among US’s fastest growing cloth suppliers in 2011

According to Textile Intelligence, Cambodia and Bangladesh are set to be the US’s fastest growing cloth suppliers in 2011, followed by El Salvador, Honduras and Pakistan. Due to the US’s tentative economic recovery, US buyers continue to move most of their sourcing to cheap supplies despite the fact that these suppliers have in fact increased prices.

My Opinion: This is good news for Cambodia especially people employed directly in the textile industry. With Cambodian export making up mostly of textiles, this means Cambodia will set to possibly overachieve its 6.5% economic growths forcasted by the World Bank and IMF.

Full Story: Cambodia to be among US’s fastest growing cloth suppliers in 2011

A Cambodian gold rush in Pursat Province, Western Cambodia

According to Phnom Penh Post (via m&c news), hundreds of people hurried to the site in Pursat province, Western Cambodia, believed to hold hundreds of kilos of gold buried during the Khmer Rouge era. Fightings soon ensued among desperate diggers. The gov’t has moved to secure the site but found nothing. Pursat governor Khoy Sokha said nothing has been found, but if there were, it would be returned to the state treasure.

Full Story: A Cambodia gold rush

A Cambodian is named NatGeo’s 2011 emerging explorers

Among 14 explorers around the world, Mr. Tuy Sereivathana is named 2011 emerging explorers and receives $10,000 grant, partly made possible by Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation to fund further exploration and conservation efforts.

Vathana is an elephant specialist, actively engaging in conserving dwindling Asian elephant species. What’s more, he has been proactive in finding solutions to eradicate poverty through sensible practices combining environmental development and protection.

Mr. Tuy Sereivathana is making Cambodians proud. He deserves Cambodian Hero from this blog.

Full Story: NatGeo announces 2011 emerging explorers

Vietnam is the new China

China has been in the spotlight for so many years due to its cheap labor, open economic policies and enormous local market, among other things. However, things have changed, labor has not only become more costly but also scare. Currently, there are more unemployed graduates than blue-collar one. The bad news is it become less economical to open a factory in China. The good news is all these wealth have created hundreds of millions of middle-class Chinese, making China’s the world most-attractive, fastest growing consumer market.

This creates a perfect opportunity for less developed neighbors such as Vietnam and Cambodia. Waves of factory migration have began sweeping across the Indochinese region, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. It won’t be long before whole industrial ecosystems will be needed to support all these new comers. With Cambodia opening its first ever stock market in 2011-2012, Cambodia entrepreneurs should embrace themselves for the upcoming opportunities. Where to look for opportunity? Look to China for examples.

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Tattoos in Khmer on the rise, thank to Angelina Jolie

Khmer Tattoo on Angelina Jolie

Thank to Angelina Jolie, who had her left shoulder tattooed in Khmer, Khmer tattoo popularity in the US especially among the actress’s fan is gaining momentum. Tattoos in Khmer allows her fans to feel connected to her in a meaningful way–literally because those tattoos have meaning.

The Khmer tatoos on Angelina means,

“May your enemies run far away from you.
If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always.
Your beauty will be that of Apsara
Wherever you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides.”

Full Story: Khmer Tattoo Translations on the Rise-Courtesy of Angelina Jolie (PR Web)

6 Tips to better manage your life

Me Inc. is the biggest start-up each of us have ever founded. What is it? It is us, ourself. I hate to put it in such a calculus term but each and everyone of us is a venture start-up. We are born. We grow. We learn skill. We make social connection. We earn money to support ourself. We seek fame. We defend our reputation.

So why don’t we live it like we run a business? Why not bring in disciplines that brought many firms to successes? Why not be active, strive and succeed?

Here are 6 tips to better manage your life from BusinessWeek. Read and Learn. Tell me what you think.

13 People of who got fired for using Twitter…and Facebook

Next time you want to bad-mouth on Twitter, beware of the passive audience, one of whom can be your boss. 

Here are 13 people who got fired for using Twitter. Read and Learn.

And as a bonus, here are 17 people who were fired for using Facebook.

Timor-Leste can have a rightful place in ASEAN

According to the Australian, Timor-Leste, a tiny nation gaining its sovereignty from Indonesia on May 20, 2002, have gained a number of crucial supports for its membership in the ASEAN. Geographically, it is very much part of South East Asia. So far, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, The Philippines and Brunei have shown their supports for Timor-Leste, more commonly known as East Timor. Although Singapore agrees in principle to Timor-Leste becoming an ASEAN member, it prefers such membership become reality later, citing the notion that Timor-Leste is not ready economically and politically.

It seems we Cambodians can count on Timor-Leste joining the ASEAN family, increasing representatives in the association for [economically] smaller nations such as ourselves, Laos, Timor-Leste, Vietnam and Burma. Timor-Leste’s membership is a positive step forward. So let it comes, and let it comes early.

Full Story: Tiny can have a rightful place in ASEAN

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